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seminars and master classes

We successfully sell horses and stable equipment. We organize seminars and master classes with top equestrians and help to organize internships abroad for amateurs and professionals. For European businessmen who need to enter the Russian market we provide full range of promotional and advertising services.

dressage forum

We wish the equestrian sport develop in Russia, we wish to raise the culture of communication, sales and horse training.


Our personal contribution to the development of equestrian culture – The Russian National Dressage Forum, a platform for education and discussing the most controversial issues of the Russian dressage.

We have a lot of interesting projects related to education, tourism, insurance, transportation, and social activities.




  1. Our goal is to propose best decisions to our customers! That is why we always search for best opportunities in the market!

  2. We are not contracted by any stable that is why we can offer an objective choice to our customers.

  3. We take responsibility for our services. We do our best to make the best service, but in case problems appear we find best solution for our customers.

  4. All process of horse search, selection and purchase is transparent.

  5. We safe time of our customers by careful trip planning. You will enjoy your trip!

  6. Any payment methods are available.

  7. Customer should just make a choice, we do all other work.

  8. We are interested in success of our customers and assist in following development. We organize short- and long-term training, consultations with leading international professionals, stabling in Europe.


Dressage Horses welcomes owners of quality sport horses to cooperation

Should you like to sell your horse, keep it open for sale or silently, we will be eager to help you and find a customer. Please send your information to info@dressagehorses.ru.


115162 Moscow, Shukhova Str. 14, of 714, office center SHUKHOVA PLAZA. TEL.: +7 499 922 85 79

  • Mob.: +7 967 027 97 58 Julia Slavina, director

    Sale of sport horses, ponies, frisian horses, horse stall equipment, organization of seminars, Individual trips, training abroad


  • Mob.: +7 916 439 84 81 Polina Prokopieva, project manager

    Sale horses from Spain, questions on insurance, participating on exhibitions, advertising, site work, administrative matters.


реквизиты ИП Славина Юлия Анатольевна

Юридический адрес:117393, ул. Архитектора Власова д. 20 кв. 73

Фактический адрес:115162 г. Москва, Шухова д.14


Расчетный счет:40802810900000000582

Корреспондентский счет:30101810400000000555 БИК ДО №60 «Новоспасский двор» ОАО «Промсвязьбанк» ОГРН 311774632800272

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